Was created in 2009 by Jimmy Cohen (Electric Guitar, Alto Sax, Synth) and Jose Djamus (Piano, keyboards, Sitar, Flute) in the heart of Mexico City with the idea of Experimenting with the sound  that our minds can create trough the instruments merging psychedelic light show and experimental video.

ZEHEL concept is to improvise , every Concert is unique and different  , we go through the very inside of our conscience and mind always creating new Sounds.

everything is created in the moment  , what you will hear is never going  to happened again so please relax and enjoy the atmosphere because ZEHEL is going to get you in the deepest corners of your sub-conscience .

In the last years the band has played in many venues , Festivals , Museums and Expositions. Also ZEHEL has musicalized silent films and short films. There are many videos and albums ready for you to have the experience.

You can find ZEHEL downloads and videos here:




Contact and booking:


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